Quality Entry Doors

Our entry doors feature unsurpassed quality and style to create the perfect focal point for your project.

Whether it is the front entrance or a patio slider, replacing the doors can improve both the look and functionality of your or your client’s home.

Stately Doors & Windows offers luxury single, double, patio, sliding, interior, and exterior doors in a variety of materials including premium iron, steel, and exquisite hardwoods.

Designer Exterior Doors

Entry doors are the gateways to your client’s homes. The right door can express style as well as improve the home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency and safety.

Designer entry doors from Stately Doors & Windows are backed by a reputation for quality and outstanding warranties to protect your investment. And with so many materials, styles, colors, glass and hardware options to choose from, the choices are nearly limitless. Whether you are looking for wrought iron or hardwoods, let us help you find the entry door that makes just the right impression to amaze your clients.

Indoor-Outdoor Systems

Indoor-outdoor systems let in the light and lend beauty and function to any room. Sliding doors allow for ways to bring nature into your projects by creating vistas to outdoor spaces. Installations of sliding doors provide open views and passages between rooms for elegant and functional transitions.

While sliding doors provide for a small footprint for transitions, bi-fold doors provide for elegant passages to transform entry features in any project.  We offer many configurations for indoor-outdoor systems so you can choose the perfect ones for your projects.

Slimline doors

Slimline Doors

Nothing lends elegance and beauty to a room like a Slimline door. With two operating panels and expansive glass, Slimline doors bring in the light and expand your view. An exterior Slimline door lets you enjoy the beauty of nature with wide-open vistas to the outdoors, and it allows easy access to a patio, deck, pool or other outdoor space.

Slimline doors can be installed inside homes to provide elegant transitions between rooms. Interior Slimline doors are excellent for maintaining visual openness to connect living spaces while providing a functional boundary when you need it.

Pivot Doors

Stately designer pivot doors rotate on a pivot hinge that has a set of pins mounted on the top and bottom of the door. The hinge is offset from the door frame. The technology and design of a pivot hinge allow for large doors that generally cannot be supported by traditional hinges. Pivot hinges are ideal for doors that are at least 42” wide. Outside of practicality, the door with its imaginative pivot hinge system has a contemporary and seamless look. We recommend this kind of door for anyone looking for a modern, contemporary and transitional aesthetic.

Pivot doors
Barn doors

Barn Doors

Barn doors are all chic, functional, and on-trend. They range in design style from contemporary to rustic, making them a key strategy for any interior design plan.

Stately’s designer barn doors are a fundamental part of our Interior Door Collection. The doors in this collection are all designed to be interior doors, but they include the elements that make our exterior doors so popular. In addition, hardware accents like strap hinges or stainless steel rails allow barn doors to fit any aesthetic.

A white house with luxury doors
Customs designer doors
Custom wood doors

Custom-Designed Doors

Interior or exterior, with or without glass, gliding or hinged, natural or composite material, oversized, and more – there are lots of choices you have to make when selecting a door. Stately Doors & Windows knows doors inside and out, and we can help you navigate all the options to find just the right door for any function, aesthetic, or application.

  • Doors for any application, both residential and commercial.
  • Nearly any size available.
  • Materials include hardwoods, exotic woods, steel, and wrought iron.
  • Unique finish and glass options.
  • Experienced design consultants and commercial solutions team.

Let Our Team Enhance Your Space With Luxury That Lasts.

Stately Design Experts can work with you, or your interior designer, to develop a plan using Stately products that enhance the beauty, quality, and value of your home. 

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