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As a designer, you’re tasked with much more than simply making a housing project look good. You must consider the finer details that clients and other team members often don’t think of. 

Every small addition you make to a home’s design needs to visually and functionally add to the overall goal of the home. 

As such, simply picking up doors and windows from off-the-shelf sources is rarely going to give you exactly what you need to get the job done. 

That’s where Stately comes in. We provide vast collections of bespoke designer doors and windows, and we provide custom manufacturing services. 

Stately is your go-to source for every project if you’re a designer. 

Here’s how we help you knock every project out of the park. 

How Stately Works

Stately isn’t like other suppliers and services. We’re not focused on putting as many commonly wanted product models in stock as possible and pushing them out the door. 

We’re focused on providing unmatched quality to professionals like you, and we fill the gaps that are left behind by manufacturers targeting the lowest common denominator and non-professional market. 

When you source your designer doors and windows from Stately, you’ll notice that we have several collections of premade doors and windows that match a wide variety of style and functionality requirements both met by other markets and those that you usually have a hard time finding anywhere else. 

This provides many of our clients with fast, ready-to-go product sourcing that keeps projects on schedule when more bespoke options aren’t required. 

However, our fully custom manufacturing options allow you to order practically any door or window you want. If a client wants a specific uncommon door design, or the project requires uncommon dimensions and design implementations, we can make it for you. 

The Benefits of Stately Over the Competition

Because of our unique business model and position in the market, Stately provides several benefits and solutions you simply can’t get anywhere else. 

Here are some of the many ways Stately stands out as your go-to source for any housing project. 

1: A Focus on Professionals

With Stately, you’re getting a service provider that is dedicated to serving professionals and their unique needs. Whether you’re a designer, architect, contractor, or any other professional working in the housing space, Stately knows exactly what you’re looking for, and we’ve worked with people in your field directly throughout our time operating. 

This gives us a unique understanding of your needs that you simply don’t get from companies focusing on commercial markets and the average homeowner. 

When you work with us, you know that we understand the needs you’re relaying to us and that we can meet those requirements exactly, a crucial part of completing any high-quality project. 

2: Collections for Fast and Easy Sourcing of Bespoke Doors and Windows

When your project is on a deadline, you often need to be able to find the perfect door or window, get it on-site, and install it as soon as possible. There’s no time to wait on inventory backlogs, starting whole new production runs, or anything similar.

Our collections of prefabricated doors and windows provide you with that fast, easy turnaround you need.

Collection of designer doors

We keep each item in our collections in stock and ready to ship the same day. As long as you have a day or two of notice to accommodate transport, our collections are great for those last-minute additions to any project. 

Each collection is also highly varied. From double doors to Dutch two-piece doors and everything else, you’ll find a prefabricated product that matches your needs and keeps your project on schedule. 

3: Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

This is where Stately shines the most. You’re not limited to the bespoke prefabricated doors in our collections

Every door and window we sell is made to the highest quality standards, but when you’re working on a high-end project with specific design requirements, it’s difficult to find any prefabricated product to match your needs exactly. 

That’s why we offer custom service. 

If your client or project lead is looking for a one-of-a-kind door to create a truly mesmerizing entryway for a luxury home, we simply need the specifications your team has drawn up.

If a client brings you designs from an Instagram post that they’d love to have in their own home, we can replicate those designs flawlessly. 

This does take longer, and it’s something that you want to order in advance, but this level of flexibility is unbeatable; especially when you’re working on a design project that is a step above your average housing project and in need of unique artistic touches. 

4: Truly Bespoke Quality

Stately doesn’t cut corners to provide cheap doors that are attractive based on price alone. We offer great value with all our products, but quality comes before simply keeping a price tag as low as possible.

When you purchase a door or a window from Stately, you know that it’s going to be a worthwhile addition to the project as a whole, and it will reflect the quality of the work you’ve already put into the project. 

For example, as a designer, you have likely already put most of your effort into designing every small detail of the home’s exterior and interior to impress the home’s eventual owner and elicit a sense of quality and luxury.

With many off-the-shelf doors and windows, the quality simply isn’t there to match that. That creates a visual and functional disconnect in your design. Since we offer only the finest quality doors for designers, they blend seamlessly with the other details you’ve put into the design. 

5: Interconnected Customer Service Pipeline for Unmatched Support

The commercial market doesn’t need to worry much about having constant support available over something like a door, but as a designer, there are many things that can happen that will require you to be in contact with a representative of the supplying company at a moment’s notice.

You might get the door toward the end of a project and realize it’s not the right dimensions, need to cancel your order due to a project shift, or anything else.

You don’t have the time to deal with outsourced customer support, return delays, and all the things that normal consumers deal with because a major project can be delayed due to those issues. 

Stately ensures that you have access to a top-tier support team across the country at any given time, and your needs can be met at a moment’s notice.

Stately customer support for designer doors and windows

We have a massive service area with real, in-person, brick-and-mortar locations, as well as your standard over-the-phone support. 

When you need us, we’re there to help. 

Our service members are also there to put you first. Regardless of what you need support for, you can expect prompt, courteous, and effective support from a team focused on getting to the core of the issue and providing satisfactory results. 

6: End-to-End Solutions

One of the primary benefits you get from Stately is that we offer end-to-end solutions. The process starts with us, and it ends with us. We help you design your custom, designer doors and windows, manufacture both prefabricated and custom product options, handle distribution, and deliver the final product to your job site.

All of your door and window purchases, custom or not, delivery and support are handled in-house. This is crucial for a few reasons of its own. 

First, it ensures that you’re only dealing with one company throughout the door and window portions of a project. When you’re designing a home, you already have to work on a variety of different aspects of the home.

Having to get doors and windows from separate suppliers, make warranty claims with third-party companies, and everything else overcomplicate your job and slows down your project.

Since Stately is self-contained and handles the entire process from start to finish for custom wood doors, designer windows, and many more, you can get doors, windows, and comprehensive support entirely from us. 

Then, you can trust that we understand everything about our products and how they fit into your design project. With other sources, if they outsource their customer support or any part of their operation, the person you speak to for support or handling your order might not be as effective as a good company would hope for.

Our end-to-end approach to business ensures everyone you deal with from our business understands the process, your needs, and what is expected in any given circumstance. 

Finally, the lack of middlemen ensures that the entire process is streamlined. Since we handle the sale of our products entirely in-house, there are fewer cogs in the system to cause issues, delays, or inconvenient processes.

Buying from our collections, ordering custom designer doors, making a warranty claim, or any other part of engaging with our business is simplified to let you focus on your project, not jumping through hoops. 

7: Installation Services

On larger projects, you might have professional installation experts on your team, such as when you’re building a house from scratch.

However, during many design projects or simple renovations, you might not have access to those professionals on your team, and even if you do, diverting their attention from reworking framing and handling other core needs to install doors and windows can be problematic.

Stately helping install designer doors and windows

At Stately, we offer professionally managed installation services to help you take one more time-consuming task off your list of things to do. 

8: We Stand by Our Work

When you’re purchasing high-end products that are priced considerably, you want to know that the manufacturer stands by their work and is willing to fix it if anything is wrong with it. You don’t get that with every company, but Stately has a comprehensive warranty policy that ensures you can rely on us to stand by our product. 

The exact terms and conditions of our warranty vary depending on the materials used in the products you buy and what aspect of the warranty you’re looking at, but you can find a complete rundown of our warranty on our site with all the terms, conditions, and requirements in place.

We offer the most comprehensive warranty possible, and you are completely protected against any mistakes or defects on our part, along with premature failures. 

We offer such a solid warranty because we know that we craft each product we sell to outlast the competition and be worthy of its high-end status. 

9: Value

Our products are not the cheapest on the market. They are high-end, high-quality designer doors and windows that you can implement in even the finest homes, and they will match a luxury home with ease. However, that doesn’t mean you’re getting less value than if you went with a cheaper option. 

In fact, we offer superior value. 

Due to our end-to-end approach, comprehensive warranty, last-a-lifetime quality, and flexible manufacturing, you’re getting a reasonable price on a great product that has so much more to offer than just an off-the-shelf door or window that’s cheaper but doesn’t come with nearly as many benefits. 

Enjoy an End-to-End Door and Window Solution

A designer’s job is complex. You probably work on more details of a home than any other part of a project team because your job is more of a general approach to designing how everything looks and functions.

You need streamlined, efficient resources to keep you from being overwhelmed, and you demand quality for everything you add to a home. 

To meet your needs and make your life easier, you need an end-to-end approach focused on providing value and results. Stately is here to help. 

When you choose Stately, you can get all your designer doors and windows for a project from one source, and we handle everything from shipping to installation (installation upon request with our professionally managed installation option). 

While we offer tremendous value and have listed all the primary benefits of Stately individually, the main takeaway is that we make your job easier so you can focus on designing a project. 

Contact us today for answers to any questions you may have, or check out our collections at Stately.

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