Stately helping with doors and windows for wholesalers

If you’re familiar with Stately, you’re probably aware that we’re a go-to source for contractors, architects, designers, and other hands-on project workers who specialize in building homes and designing the most extravagant buildings around.

But Stately’s versatility extends beyond these fields. We’re also a prime destination for doors and windows for wholesalers, catering to wholesalers who require top-notch materials for their vast distribution networks.

Wholesalers, in their unique position, often find themselves needing to outsource or urgently replenish their stock. In such cases, Stately might not immediately come to mind as a solution.

However, we have established ourselves as a reliable partner for wholesalers, offering services and solutions that can significantly enhance your business model.

Here’s a more in-depth look at what we are, what we do, and how we can help you. 

How We Help Wholesalers

Stately has a unique market position. We’re like manufacturers, but we’re not just cranking out doors and windows to sell as many as possible. We’re here to support the professionals who make exemplary houses, commercial buildings, and more that keep our society running both functionally and beautifully

We’re more of a bespoke service that gives our customers what they want and need rather than whatever we can think up and mass produce. We work with wholesalers, architects, contractors, designers, and pretty much everyone else who works on structural projects or provides materials for such projects. 

What Does Stately do?

At Stately, we make doors and windows, but we take a different approach than the competition. As we said, we don’t just crank out a small variety of products in mass and try to market them to everyone. Instead, we take a two-pronged approach that is designed to give you exactly what you need for your situation. 

First, we do have several collections that provide you with pre-made doors in a variety of styles. These pre-manufactured doors are varied, made to the highest quality standards, and are available off the shelf. So, they’re fast and easy to order. This is great when our customers need something quick, and we already have something close to what they’re looking for in stock. 

However, we also offer fully custom doors

Our custom doors are made from scratch to your specifications. This allows us to copy designs 1 to 1, and we can provide practically any door asked of us. This is a major component of our benefits for wholesalers, but we’ll talk more about that shortly. 

Benefits of Outsourcing to Stately

Stately offers many benefits to wholesale companies in a multitude of situations. In this section, we’re going to go over each of those in-depth and explain how Stately helps.

1: Not Enough Stock

For this example, let’s imagine that you have a tremendous order. Maybe you’re supplying doors to an entire subdivision project, and you simply cannot manufacture enough doors in the appropriate design type to satisfy the full order. You can’t afford to delay the shipment to have more manufacturing time, but you also can’t afford to let the contract fall through.

Empty stocks for doors and windows for wholesalers

Stately is perfect for that situation. 

First, we have a full stock of pre-made doors that might meet your needs or closely match what you need, and you can order them quickly. 

However, it’s our custom options that really benefit you in that situation. You can give us a design schematic for the type of door you’re trying to make, and we can perfectly replicate it. This is like outsourcing the work to an equally qualified professional and doubling your manufacturing ability. You don’t have to have everything in stock and ready to go. 

Instead, you can give us the schematic for the doors you need, and we can help make them. We’re fast, reliable, and have a devoted channel of communication to stay on par with the needs of your project. You never have to worry when you’re outsourcing your excess manufacturing to Stately. 

2: Last Minute Additions

If you’re a wholesaler, you probably have a limited stock. What happens when you sell that stock out, and you’re just a few doors short of completing your order? Your entire business model revolves around providing enough doors to fulfill the order quickly and in a cost-effective manner. 

You can send your door schematic to us, or you can simply choose one of our prefabricated doors from our collections if it matches your needs, and we’ll fulfill the order in time to meet your deadline

When you accidentally oversell your stock, and you need a little more than you actually have, Stately is a great option to fill in the gaps and get your project finished without missing deadlines or spending too much. 

3: You Don’t Provide What the Buyer Wants

This is a common problem. You’re trying to sell prefabricated doors at wholesale prices, but your big client requires something a little different than what you offer. 

You don’t have to turn down the project and lose tons of money in the process. You just need to get a little help.

All you have to do is relay the specifications for each product to Stately, and we’ll custom-craft the door you need to fulfill the order.

A woodmaker creating doors and windows for wholesalers

If you need it, we can make it. There’s no reason to turn down an order and lose a client’s trust. We can help you fulfill that order and stay in that client’s mind well into the future when they see the quality of work we do. 

4: Sourcing Unique Door Designs

Let’s say you’re negotiating with a major client, and they need doors that you simply don’t offer. You can’t create new manufacturing techniques, demand your source change its entire manufacturing method, or anything like that to meet this client’s needs, but you need to secure that client. 

You don’t have to offer a bunch of products they don’t want or lose them. Instead, you can outsource to Stately

We might have a product in one of our collections that matches what you need, but in cases when your clients are ordering completely unordinary doors, we can take the plans, and we can recreate the exact door they’re looking for indefinitely

This is where our custom door production comes in handy. When someone needs something that simply isn’t satisfied by prefabricated options, we can make the exact product needed to satisfy them. It’s what sets us apart so much. You’re not limited to what we have. You can get exactly what you want. 

5: Windows

We don’t just do doors. We also provide windows in the same manner. We have designer window collections that provide high-quality windows capable of matching any sort of project. Just like our doors, if you can’t find something that matches your order, you can simply place a custom order, and we’ll make them according to your specifications. 

Windows are some of the highest volume parts required for any housing or commercial property project, and sometimes, it’s just not possible for even the best manufacturers to keep up with demand. 

Stately can help whether you buy our prefab options or place a custom order. 

6: Fast Service

Making a custom order does take time, but if you need something right away, our collections provide extremely fast solutions to your short inventory problems. As long as you don’t need something highly specific, you can likely find an option in our collections.

They’re fully stocked at all times and ready to ship the moment you order. Also, since we handle shipping, we can get the product to you faster than any other service out there. There’s no need to wait for other deliveries or shipping problems that are common with other services.

7: Accountability

We do everything in-house. There are no excuses for us to fall back on, and if anything goes wrong, you know exactly who did it and who to talk to. 

This works as an obvious advantage for you since there’s no other company for us to pin the blame on. However, it helps us, too.

We know that we’re responsible for fulfilling your order properly, and we know that you can hold us accountable. So, we’re incentivized to put forth our best effort regardless of how big or small an order is.

Overall, this ensures that you receive the best service possible. We’re incentivized to do our best, and you know who to reach out to without any sort of run around if a mistake does occur.

8: Top-Notch Service

Stately isn’t just a manufacturer of fine designer doors and quality windows. We have locations around the country, and 24/7 service representatives here in the States to ensure that you can get a hold of us no matter what.

Stately customer support representatives for doors and windows for wholesalers

If you need to place a late-night order, or you learned at the last minute that a small detail was wrong, you’re not stuck waiting all weekend for a response or jumping through hoops on the phone to talk to someone.

We always have someone on standby to work through any issues or questions you might have.

9: In-House Shipping

This is one unique trait of Stately that you usually don’t get with other suppliers. We don’t outsource our shipping and delivery. We handle it ourselves.

This ensures that our fleet is only handling our deliveries. There aren’t 15 other companies relying on our trucks and diverting the route for random reasons. When we say we’ll get to you on time and deliver your order properly, we mean it. It’s just us. You order, we make the product, and then we bring it directly to you.

This makes us reliable.

10: Guaranteed Service

A company that doesn’t stand by its work isn’t worth dealing with, and we stand by that at Stately. We know that you’re not just ordering from us to expand your stock. You have a real reason to be looking for a supplier, and you demand a high-quality product the first time around. You can’t afford to reorder, pay twice, or deal with nonsense.

That’s why Stately has the best guarantee around. If you find an issue with your doors or windows from Stately, you just have to give us a call and make a claim. We’ll set it right with our industry-leading guarantee system.

How It Works

If you’re looking for a supplier that deals in doors and windows for wholesalers, whether you need a temporary supplier to bolster your inventory, or you want to form a long-term relationship, Stately is here.

Here’s how it works.

1: Check Our Pre-Fabs

It’s just common sense that prefabricated doors and windows are going to be somewhat cheaper and a lot faster to order. So, it’s always a good idea to check our collections to see if something we have listed meets your needs.

If so, you’re in luck.

Our prefabricated wood doors and windows are extremely quick to order. It’s just like ordering anything else on the internet. We even ship our products on our own to ensure they go straight to you without all the middlemen and upcharges.

2: Place a Custom Order

As high-quality as our collections are, sometimes, they just don’t fit the bill. Maybe you have a client who ordered a ton of a specific type of door, and you were able to cover a lot of the order, but it’s just too much for you to do on your own. You don’t have to compromise the order and select something that doesn’t match perfectly.

Just reach out, tell us you want to make a custom order, and give us the plans for the door. We’ll make a 1-to-1 recreation that fits the rest of your inventory perfectly.

We can also help you add another product line to your overall lineup with the same service. If you have an idea, but can’t find a supplier, or you can’t make it yourself, just place a custom order. You can either provide in-depth plans of your own, or you work with our designers to bring your vision to life.

Wholesalers and Stately Make the Perfect Team

We might seem like a service mostly aimed at architects and designers like a competitor would be, but we’re not competitive. We’re more than happy to help wholesalers flesh out their product lineups, catch up on orders, and overall, succeed. 
Contact Stately today for more information or to place an order for doors and windows for wholesalers.

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