Exterior Door Measurements

When you’ve decided to replace your front entry door with Stately Doors & Windows, it’s important to begin by taking accurate measurements. By doing so, you’ll be fully prepared for consultations and can ensure you receive an accurate quote. With these measurements in hand, our team of experts can provide you with a comprehensive quote.

Measuring for a new exterior door can seem daunting, but it’s easier than you think. Simply use our guide and calculator below, or submit to have a Stately Measurement Pro do it for you at your convenience. 

Exterior Door Measurement Guide

Tools Needed: 
  • Tape Measure
  • Notepad and Pencil/Pen
  • Camera or Phone

The Rough Opening is typically about 1-1/2” wider than the unit size and about a 1” taller, (double doors add extra ½” in width for T- astragal). This is necessary for the following reasons:

  • Allow for slight door unit size variances.
  • You will need about 1” in total width and height on top and both sides to be able to adjust and shim the door.
  • The openings are not always square, so it is good to have a little extra gap. This gap will be covered by Brickmould & casing.

Exterior Door Measurement Guide

Step 1.

Measure the inside width of the door opening (jamb to jamb) in 3 places, the top, middle, and bottom. Record the smallest width measurement in A. (add 2.5″ to input=Rough width)

If your door has a transom above it, measure the total height including transom.

Step 2.

Measure the inside height of the door opening from the bottom of the upper jamb down to the subfloor if possible, and or note approximate thickness of flooring measured from. Record the height measurement in B. (add 2″ to input=Rough height)

If your door has sidelites, measure total width including sidelites.

Step 3.  –

Measure the width of the door jamb. Measure the width of the door jamb just above the handle set as a reference point. DO NOT include the interior trim/casing and exterior trim/brick mould thicknesses. This measurement is for selecting the correct door frame width to fit your wall thickness.

Typical door jamb sizes are:

4 9/16″ for 2X4 frame with 1/2″ drywall – (Most common)

5 1/2″ for 2×4 frame with stucco or thick (5/8″) drywall – (Common Commercial Construction)

6 9/16″ for 2X6 frame, or block wall

Record the measurement in C. 

Door Jamb (C)

Door Measurement Form

Measuring for your new door doesn’t have to be complicated. Simply use our calculator and measurement form here. 

Once you are satisfied with your maximum door size, fill out the rest of the form and submit. 

After you submit the form, our sales team will reach out to you to discuss next steps and help you through the process of purchasing the perfect door for your home or project.

Hire a Stately Professional

If you need help measuring your door, you can hire a Stately Professional.

Our professionals will meet you at your desired time to get a professional measurement of your door. The service costs $299 up front however, your $299 deposit gets credited to the cost of installing your door when you order installation services. 

  1. To begin your new door measurement project, request an in-home measure with Stately Professionals using the form below.
  2. Our experienced local installer will come to your home to measure the space for your door. This is an essential step because the installer will also check building codes, overhang and other environmental aspects to ensure the door will fit your space and needs.
  3. Once we’ve collected your measurements, we’ll help you select the best door product, style and design to fit your space and needs.
  4. After you purchase your door, we’ll schedule your installation. Our professional installer will remove your old door, install your new door, and talk you through how to care for it. 

Let Our Team Enhance Your Space With Luxury That Lasts.

Stately’s Sales Consultants and Project Engineers can work with you or your interior designer to develop a plan using Stately products that enhance the beauty, quality, and value of your space.

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