Window Designs for Homes: Panoramic Window in a Pine Forest

The windows in your client’s home are major home features that can’t be disregarded or turned into an afterthought. Whether you’re on a design team, or you’re a contractor building a property, it’s up to you to provide your clients with a home that will impress them at first sight and ensure they have a great at-home experience for years to come. That means ensuring that all of the home’s features, including the windows, are both highly functional and in alignment with current trends that are likely to last well into the future.

We’re going to look at five popular window designs that are currently dominating the market, describe them, and go over some of the advantages they provide so your client appreciates your work and the windows themselves.

1: Double Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are some of the most popular options for larger window applications, right now. Double-hung windows are characterized by their double-sash design. Rather than having a single sash or no sash at all, double-hung windows have one on the top edge and one on the bottom edge. They’re also able to be opened. Which, in a residential setting, is absolutely crucial for all windows in the home.

Double-hung windows excel at two specific things by design.

First, they allow for plenty of natural lighting to enter the home without just being plain sheets of glass. This helps with keeping your energy bill low by allowing you to stop using lights as much during daylight hours, enjoy the natural warmth that comes from natural light, and generally, enjoy the atmosphere that natural light produces.

Then, the design is one that oozes sophistication and elegance. Double-hung windows aren’t overly embellished or ornate, but they do have a high-quality appearance and sleek overall design that matches most design themes easily. So, regardless of what overall design your client is looking for, double-hung windows are likely a good option.

Popular Window Designs for Homes: Double Hung Windows

2: Casement Windows

Casement windows are unique options that are picking up steam with the general public, but they do have some unique drawbacks, as well. So, you have to use them for appropriate projects.

A casement window is a window with a full frame system outlining the pane and holding multiple panes together. You likely have casement windows in the building you operate your business from, because they’re extremely popular in the commercial sector.

These windows are focused on a sleek appearance and a high level of security.

First, the multiple panes and sturdy framing ensure that they’re far more impact-resistant than most other types of windows. Whether it be a natural weather condition or a mischievous thief, you can trust that your client has windows they can rely on. However, while they do open, they also feature far sturdier lock systems than many other windows, and they’re not as easy for thieves to bypass by breaking the lock, either.

Since everyone wants to be safe in their homes, those safety factors can be major selling points for your clients.

The main drawback is casement windows don’t fit many overall home designs visually. They’re typically very plain, and the framing does take up a sizable amount of the window space. This means that less natural light and a smaller viewing port are issues, too.

In short, these can be a great option for projects where they won’t clash with the overall design too much, but you do have to show some professional levels of discernment.

Popular Window Designs for Homes: Casement Window Surrounded by Green Climber Plant

3: Awning Windows

Many of your clients likely haven’t had these types of windows before, but they’re definitely worth suggesting for several reasons.

Awning windows open and close via a hand crank. They’ll lift up and outward of the window frame itself when the crank is turned one way, and they’ll pull back in and into place when the cranking is reversed.

This is where the main benefit comes in. Awning windows can seal up far more tightly than other common residential windows, and that prevents the climate-controlled air of the home’s interior from escaping as easily as it does with many other window designs. In the same way, the windows also allow for far greater airflow when they’re opened.

Together, this benefit allows your client to save money on their energy bills, enjoy a more naturally managed interior temperature, and more simply because of the mechanism the windows open and close with.

Another benefit is the classic charm they provide to the overall project. Awning windows fit nicely with most design themes, but if the home leans more toward traditional designs, awning windows will fit right in.

Window Designs for Homes: Awning Windows

4: Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are exactly what they sound like. They don’t open and close. They’re put in place, and they stay like that until they’re broken or removed. This creates unique pros and cons for your client.

First, fixed windows tend to be used for much larger applications. So, if you’re designing a sunroom, a dining area that you want your client to feel as if it’s open and spacious, or similar applications where large window sections are optimal. This limits their usage somewhat, but when chosen for the right rooms and on the right projects, you can create amazing atmospheres that are sure to make your clients happy.

Then, there’s the sleek appearance these windows tend to have. They’re usually fully framed with reinforcement frames running throughout for visual differentiation and overall strength. This design means that your client’s fixed windows will be safe against the majority of weather conditions and emergencies, while still enjoying a beautiful view.

Of course, another benefit is that natural lighting in a room with such windows will be tremendous. The client shouldn’t have to worry about artificial lights hardly at all with these types of windows.

There are two main cons, though.

The most obvious one is that fixed windows can’t be opened. That means that they’re not good if a fire occurs, the client likes to add natural airflow to their home, or any other situation where opening windows is pivotal. These are, when they’re large enough, essentially glass walls.

The other issue is that it simply doesn’t match the theme of every room. Take a bedroom for instance. If your client wants to crack the window, and you’ve installed fixed windows in every room, they can’t. This can be detrimental to your client’s home experience if you go overboard with the fixed windows or place them inappropriately. So, window placement and the overall home design play a major part in whether you should use these.

5: Custom Windows 

Sometimes, you have a client who has a unique vision, and you can’t bring that vision to life with what’s available off the shelf. That’s why it’s always a good idea to opt for custom windows made to practically any spec.

That’s where Stately Doors & Windows comes in. We specialize in creating bespoke window solutions that perfectly align with your specific needs and design preferences, ensuring your project’s vision is realized with precision and style.

When you order custom windows from us, you get exactly what you want.

First, we can make windows of any size. So, whether you need a small bathroom window, or you need a massive, wall-spanning, fixed window for a luxurious dining room, Stately has you covered. We serve both residential and commercial clients, as well. This allows us to help with nearly any project you have, and regardless of which professional space you’re working in, you can satisfy your clients.

Then, we offer a variety of material options to choose from. For framing, we offer steel, wrought iron, exotic woods, hardwoods, and more. This is on top of offering multiple glass types to choose from. So, you’re not limited in choice when it comes to getting the exact window your client wants.

We also offer professional design help. If you know you want a truly unique window, or you have a window space to fill in your project and don’t know what will work best, our team of professional designers can help you design the perfect custom window.

Finally, everything is completely custom. Whatever you have in mind, we can do it. That’s something that the vast majority of window suppliers can’t do.

Custom windows aren’t necessary for every project, and there are plenty of occasions when simply choosing windows from the pre-fabricated collections we’ve listed will be more than enough, but keeping custom window services in mind is crucial for when your team bumps into those situations where an off-the-shelf product won’t help.

Things to Look for When Choosing Windows for Your Client

Now that we’ve gone over some of the most popular window trends and styles, it’s time to discuss how you should go about choosing a style for your project.

There are several things to consider, and we’ll cover each one individually.

1: The Home’s Overall Design

First and foremost, the overall design of the home is the most important factor to consider. You can’t have traditional-looking awning windows in a post-modern home. Similarly, massive, fixed windows on a tiny home with quaint details.

Different window designs will match different home themes differently. You have to focus on finding a style that will match the rest of the home.

2: The Room the Window is Installed in

Next, the specific room the window is installed in matters. You’ll likely need a variety of window designs and styles to complete a home and ensure that it’s as functional as possible. Some window designs are inappropriate for certain rooms, as we highlighted earlier, and they can ruin your client’s experience if you make the wrong choice.

3: Durability Where It Counts

The durability of the overall design is another key factor you need to consider. If a window isn’t built properly, and it’s in a location that is likely to experience tremendous stress during adverse weather conditions, or a stray ball is likely to hit it while your client’s children are playing, it can spell disaster. Likewise, if you put overbuilt windows all over the home, the home can look strange and more prison or business-like than it should.

The key is to balance durability with elegance for the majority of the project but know where extra strength is required to ensure nothing unsafe or costly happens.

Any large window needs to be primarily focused on strength and resistance to prevent it from becoming a major issue, and while more standardized windows don’t need to be overbuilt, they do need to balance durability with elegance extremely well to ensure the client doesn’t receive something that’s easily breakable.

4: Eco-Friendliness and Savings

Some window styles are better at insulating the home than others. For example, the awning windows we talked about earlier provide unmatched insulation for an opening and closing window system. Fixed windows are typically entirely sealed off and provide the best insulation.

This does two things.

First, your client enjoys financial benefits when you use such windows for your project. Since the climate-controlled air can’t escape easily, and the windows are better insulated, your client will be able to keep their home warm or cool without the excessive use of appliances. This allows them to save money on energy bills, and that’s sure to be a welcome feature of any project.

Then, it helps keep the home “green”. Since appliances don’t have to be used as much, your client won’t be using as many resources such as electricity or natural gas to maintain their home temperature. This results in a lower carbon footprint that is appealing to modern homeowners and better for the world we live in.

An Example of a “Green” Home

Getting the Right Windows for Your Project with Stately

If you go with any of the 4 off-the-shelf window types here, or you opt for fully customizable windows, along with considering the traits we talked about, you’ll be sure to find the perfect windows for your project. However, you also need a high-quality supplier that goes above and beyond for you.

That’s Stately. We offer all the popular window designs we’ve talked about and more, and there are other perks for partnering with Stately.

You get access to a supplier serving most of the United States with in-person, brick-and-mortar, centers rather than a detached online experience, we offer in-house design help via qualified architectural designers and do all our manufacturing and shipping in-house.If you need energy-efficient windows or designer doors for your next project, contact Stately today.

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