Chinook – 3881 Single Iron Door

Unveiling the Chinook Single Iron Door – a paradigm of artistic prowess and elegance, diligently forged from top-tier iron. This singularly styled door exemplifies incredible strength, incorporating a dual-layer iron edifice that bravely resists the severest weather scenarios, assuring a timeless decorative piece that demands little maintenance.

Its premium double-layered insulated tempered glass magnifies its visual magnetism while ensuring privacy, yet it does not impede the stream of natural brightness.

Constructed with insulating foam and robust 12-gauge iron, the Chinook Single Iron Door emerges as a model of superior thermal insulation and sound-blocking capabilities. The door threshold and jamb are skillfully sealed to prevent air leakage, contributing to an energy-saving and inviting indoor environment.

The durable enamel finish of the Chinook Single Iron Door is designed to repel rust, guaranteeing the preservation of its inborn grace and finesse over the years, effectively counteracting typical wear indicators such as chipping and peeling.

*The image you see may be a different size, singe/double configuration, or inswing/outswing configuration than listed.

If you require a thermally broken door, please fill out our custom order form. All of our iron doors are available thermally broken, but we do not carry thermally broken doors in our in-stock inventory.

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6 Inch Jamb


Gold Rush, Black, Charcoal, Bronze, Antique Copper, Heavy Bronze, Heavy Gold, Heavy Silver, Light Bronze, Medium Bronze

Glass Finish

Clear, Flemish, Frosted, Rain