Velum – 3896 Single Iron Door

Showcasing the Velum Single Iron Door – a perfect blend of elegant craftsmanship and stately appeal, skillfully molded from top-grade iron. This formidable double-door design, with its expertly hand-forged, dual-layer iron arrangement, boasts unparalleled toughness, capable of withstanding even the harshest weather conditions while promising a lasting lifespan with little to no maintenance.

The high-class double-pane insulated tempered glass not only elevates its aesthetic prestige but also ensures privacy while allowing an abundance of natural light to filter in.

Incorporating insulating foam and heavy-duty 12-gauge iron, the Velum Single Iron Door is the epitome of superior thermal and sound insulation. The door threshold and jamb are meticulously sealed to prevent air intrusions, promoting energy efficiency and a comfortable indoor climate.

Protected with a durable, rust-proof enamel coating, this door assures to retain its inherent elegance and sophistication over time, effectively combating chipping and peeling.

For more information, options, or for ordering information, please use the link to get in touch with one of our experienced door designers who can help you get the door of your dreams.

If you require a thermally broken door, please fill out our custom order form. All of our iron doors are available thermally broken, but we do not carry thermally broken doors in our in-stock inventory.

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6 Inch Jamb


Gold Rush, Black, Charcoal, Bronze, Antique Copper, Heavy Bronze, Heavy Gold, Heavy Silver, Light Bronze, Medium Bronze

Glass Finish

Clear, Flemish, Frosted, Rain