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When you’re working on a client’s home, whether you’re part of the design process, drawing up the blueprints, or putting together the pieces, your goal is the same. You want to provide them with a high-quality result that they’ll cherish for years to come. 

There’s a lot that goes into that, but one feature that often gets neglected is the use of doors to increase the visual appeal and provide often underestimated benefits.

When it comes to doors, you have two main options. You can buy them premade from a bulk supplier off the shelf, or you can order custom-made doors. 

For many in your position, the default option is to go with an off-the-shelf option due to the speed of delivery and ease of purchase, but we think that might be a shortsighted choice. 

To help you make the right decision for your client, here are 6 reasons why custom-made exterior doors are better between the two options.

Let’s dive in!

What is a Custom-Made Door? 

Before we jump into the reasons why you should check them out, you should probably have a good understanding of what a custom door is. 

Simply put, a custom door is a door that you order entirely made to spec.

You’ll have an idea or an image of what you want, you’ll sit down with a designer to work out the kinks, and then the company will craft the door from scratch. 

This is a great way to get exactly what you want, but it takes the longest to complete, and the price is typically somewhat higher since all attention has to be dedicated to your one-off door design.

Then, there’s what we’ll call a “semi-custom door”. This is when the company offers a door that’s almost exactly what you want, but maybe its dimensions or certain minor features don’t match your needs

So, you speak with the manufacturer and they take that off-the-shelf design and customize it how you want. Since it’s not from scratch, and it’s a little less work, this can help lower the cost and speed up production time.

Custom-made exterior doors - Brown exterior door.

Finally, replications are possible. Imagine that your client has been scrolling through Instagram while figuring out what they want for their project, and they found a door that they would love to have in their front entryway, but you can’t find it anywhere.

With the picture your client found and the dimensions of the doorway, you can order a custom replication of that door to meet your client’s demands. This is just like a fully custom door from scratch, but the design phase is largely removed from the equation

6 Reasons to Choose Custom-Made Exterior Doors

Now that you have a better idea of what we mean and just how many options are at your disposal, it’s time to start talking about the 6 top reasons why custom-made exterior doors are better than off-the-shelf options. 

Keep in mind, that there are tons of reasons you should opt for custom doors. These are just the top 6 reasons that stand out the most. 

1: Guaranteed Quality

Have you ever ordered a mass-manufactured product before, and when you got it, it either didn’t match the listing perfectly, or it just wasn’t as good as you thought it would be? Maybe there was a defect since it was cranked out with machinery and minimal human involvement. 

Well, you can skip all that with a custom door. 

When you order a custom door, regardless of what degree of custom work you’re asking for, the manufacturer is specifically diverting attention to your purchase and making it specifically for you.

As long as you choose a good partner to work with, you should get exceptional custom door quality regardless of what you order under those circumstances.

Custom-made exterior doors - Red exterior door.

The craftsman is paying attention to every detail, the door isn’t going into storage like bulk-made doors are where they can get dinged and slip past quality control, or any of that. 

The manufacturer builds your door, preps it for shipping, and gets it to you with minimal opportunity for any issues to occur.

You should be able to trust that even off-the-shelf doors won’t come to your project site with defects or other issues, but the custom process eliminates even the low chance of that happening. 

2: You Get Exactly What You Want

One of the most obvious reasons to choose custom-made doors is because you get exactly what you want.

Whether that is a fully custom door, a replica of something your client has seen and shown interest in, or just a stock door that you want to be adjusted, you can get any type of door you want. 

With normal off-the-shelf doors, you’re stuck choosing between premade designs. 

This is like going to a restaurant that makes everything to order and allows you to substitute whatever you want, or going somewhere that has their menu, and you have to order something exactly how it’s described regardless of what you want.

3: Achieving Unique Results

This ties in with our previous point, but some projects are simply too exotic or unique for any normal door on the market to work. 

Entryway dimensions, visual design, or functionality requirements might be so outside of the norm that a custom door is your only option unless you build the door yourself, and that is not a good idea unless you’re an experienced door craftsman.

This means that a custom-made door might mean the difference between successfully bringing your client’s vision to life or failing miserably due to something as simple as a front entryway not matching the rest of the home’s aesthetic. 

In this situation, a custom-made door is realistically your only option.

4: One-on-one help with Trained Designers

Your team probably has a general designer on board, but more specialized help is necessary when you’re trying to work with fine details.

When you order a custom-made exterior door, you’ll speak directly with a door designer who focuses solely on the doors in projects like yours. That’s their entire job, and through years of training and experience, they do it better than anyone

Not only does this ensure that you’ll have an expert guiding your design process for your project’s entryway, but you’ll also be able to stay confident that there won’t be any conflicts with the rest of the project.

Considering you’re on a deadline and can’t afford to buy multiple doors due to mistakes, this is a major benefit that saves you money and time.

5: Building a Partnership

There’s a huge difference between going online, browsing a door selection, and placing an order, or speaking directly to a representative, pitching your ideas, working directly with designers, and knowing a company is dedicating all its effort to your order. 

You don’t just get a product when you order a custom door. You build a relationship. You build trust with the manufacturer and the team members you speak to throughout the process. 

This is pleasant, and when you need another door, you will likely return to that manufacturer trusting that you’ll have another great experience. You’ll start addressing your partners by name and seeing them as part of your business lifeline. 

You can’t underestimate the value of that in today’s business world. 

6: Wider Material Choices

When you order a custom-made door, you have a far greater selection of materials to choose from.

Is there a stock door you want, but it’s made of oak and you want mahogany? Well, with stock doors, you’re stuck with whatever material that door design is available in. With a custom wooden door, you can order it in practically any material you want. 

Sometimes, a manufacturer offers a wide variety of materials for you to choose from, and sometimes, they’ll be able to specifically order a certain material to meet your needs.

Custom-made exterior doors - Green exterior door.

This is different than our previous point of getting what you want even though it’s tied to it.

Sure, you expect a custom service to be able to carve a door however you want it, but material choices are an entirely different situation

Some perform better or worse, some have different properties when exposed to the elements, and they all vary in price dramatically. So, wholesalers dealing only in stock doors typically only have a few wood options available. 

This not only adds to you getting the visual design that you want without sacrificing any desirable features, but you also get to fine-tune the performance of the door if you know how each material behaves. 

Even if you don’t, the team manufacturing the door can help match your functional needs with a material that will work.

Are Custom-Made Exterior Doors More Expensive? 

This is where custom doors tend to suffer from a minor drawback. Unfortunately, they require the manufacturer to go through a complete production process solely for your project.

It’s cheaper and easier to crank out a multitude of the same door. As such, a custom door will almost always cost a little more than a mass-produced door with the same materials and level of detail. 

That being said, the price increase isn’t too noticeable if you go with the right manufacturer, and it’s well worth it considering you get exactly what you want and you get the benefits we’ve talked about thus far.

Your client is bound to be a lot happier, and as you probably know, that pays off in dividends in the long run. 

Why Do Custom Doors Take Longer to Receive? 

Earlier, we mentioned that a big benefit of stock doors was that you got them fairly quickly. Unfortunately, custom doors do take a bit longer. With a stock door, the manufacturer takes it out of storage, preps it for shipping, and sends it to your desired location. 

With a custom door, the door needs to be custom-built from scratch before it can be shipped, and that takes time. So, you will have to wait a little longer after ordering. On average, this takes between a couple of weeks to a few months depending on how backed up the manufacturer is. 

This is easily avoidable, though. 

If you know your project deadline and develop a design for your desired entryway door early in the process, you can place your custom door order early, and you’ll still have it long before you’re ready to implement it into the final product. 

You don’t want to wait until right before you’re installing doors and windows to order one, though. 

Where Should You Get Your Custom-Made Exterior Doors? 

Whether or not you experience all these positive points we’ve mentioned has a lot to do with the door manufacturers you partner with.

To fully realize why custom-made exterior doors are better than the alternatives, you have to choose a well-respected company. 

At Stately, we offer a fine selection of premade doors with our various collections on top of building custom-made doors to order.

We have developed a service chain across much of the United States to ensure we can help you anywhere your project takes you, and we even have our in-house shipping network to ensure you get fast, cost-effective, and reliable shipping

However, one of the best benefits we offer goes beyond our products and capabilities. We don’t just try to satisfy our customers. We build meaningful partnerships.

We get to know you and the work you do, and we complement that by adjusting our services and working with you to ensure you get the best results possible.

Of course, a big part of that is customer service, and that’s why we offer the best guarantees and warranties available while ensuring that every experience you have with us is a pleasant one. 

When you need custom doors for your client’s project, contact us – your new partner in project development.

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