Why invest in custom wood doors?

When you’re taking on a big housing project, there are a lot of details to cover.  The overall exterior design, the interior themes, and all the little details that make up those aspects of the home tend to take priority because they’re both functional and aesthetically important to the homeowner. 

However, doors don’t tend to get nearly as much attention. 

That can be costly because, with the right doors, a home can be elevated to the next level in several ways. Namely, custom doors make the most difference. 

Here are the top reasons why you need to invest in custom wood doors for your client’s projects.

What Sets Custom Wood Doors Apart from Off-the-Shelf Products? 

Before we dive into the specific benefits that custom doors have to offer, we need to go over the exact way they differ from the doors you’re used to sourcing. 

Usually, when you’re looking through door stocks, you’re looking at doors that are mass-produced.

Sure, there are typically a bunch of designs, materials, and build qualities available, but the selection is limited to what the manufacturer chose, and every door is cranked out of a production line to get as many of them on the market as possible. 

With a custom wood door, the door isn’t made until you order it. You discuss the design theme you want, the style of door you need, and the small details, and then the team gets to work handcrafting your door specifically for you. 

That’s the difference that leads to the vast majority of the benefits we’ll be talking about. 

1: Greater Visual Appeal 

Whether you’re helping a client with a home renovation or you’re building a home from scratch, the doors used play a big part in the overall visual appeal of the home. 

This is for two reasons. 

First, more work goes into the details. While a standard door might look night at a distance, those small details that tend to be neglected in the mass production process tend to stand out and lower the door’s aesthetic appeal when it’s viewed up close. 

Then, there’s the fact that a custom door is far more unique than something sourced from a mass-production supplier. The unique look and details of a custom door help it visually stand out, even against extremely similar doors that inspired its design or doors that are made in the same style. This adds personality that clients love to see when their new door is installed. 

2: A Better First Impression

Alright, you’ve just finished your client’s project, and they’re ready to check out what you’ve done to their home. The first thing they’re going to notice is the overall curb appeal of the home, but once they get up close, the entry doors take center stage.

Why invest in custom wood doors? - Entry door appeal

This is a pivotal moment because it sets the mood for the entire project’s reception. You can put together a top-quality design inside, but if they go to move through that entryway and it feels cheap or half-baked, it will impact how they look at everything else. 

When you have a custom door installed, that first impression is top-notch. The difference is something they can see, feel, and experience. 

This sets the mood, and as they’re looking at your work, they’re going to be a lot more receptive to every other decision you’ve made. 

3: Quality Difference

With a custom door, each individual door you order is given the utmost attention. The door isn’t one of 5000 being run through a series of CNC machines and buffers with minimal human contact. Each door is lovingly crafted. 

That means that the quality is a lot higher. There are no corners cut, and little blemishes and faulty bits aren’t allowed to reach the end customer like they are with “off-the-shelf” doors. 

Your client notices this difference almost immediately. It’s not a negligible difference that requires a professional’s eye or anything like that. 

4: Make More Money

How much a product earns is dependent on more than just how fast you can get it done and the size of the project. The details count

Custom doors make a bigger impact on the quality of the project, and thus, they help you demand a premium without increasing your project costs by much. 

This translates to you earning more money overall, and it’s a major boon for any architect, contractor, or home renovation team looking to provide top-notch results while still turning a great profit. 

5: Project Flexibility 

Finally, no one wants their creative vision to be stifled by what’s available on a shelf. That’s especially true if you’re an architect or designer. Such limitations prevent you from truly tackling a project in a manner that makes your work stand out and impress clients with portfolio-worthy results. 

Custom wood doors let you run wild with your imagination. If you’re designing an abnormally themed home and need a door that combines two contrasting styles, or if you need something truly unique, you can get that with a custom door.

Whereas, with pre-made, mass-produced doors, you just have to look around for something that is “close enough”.

How Sourcing Your Custom Wood Doors from Stately Enhances These Benefits

Getting custom doors to complete your client’s project is always a great idea, but it’s just a fact that not all custom doors will live up to the standards highlighted.

You need a source that does more than just make doors. You need one dedicated to creating pieces that match your artistic vision while focusing on keeping the service aligned with your needs as a service provider.

Interior designer thinking in investing in custom wood doors

As such, Stately has what you need. 

We offer custom wood doors with a service dedicated specifically to contractors, architects, designers, and others in similar industries to ensure your needs are met as a company, and your client’s needs are met when you complete a project. 

Here are some of the benefits that are specific to the Stately brand. You won’t find them with any other custom door manufacturing company. 

1: A Focus on Increasing Your Profits

One of our primary focuses when it comes to our business model is ensuring you’re getting a great value that pushes your profits higher. 

This does not mean that we offer the cheapest doors available or undersell our work. The focus is on overall value. So, while we keep our prices competitive, we’re not always the cheapest. We’ll explain that more later. 

This focus on your profit margin helps you go from barely making enough to make a project worthwhile to maximizing the project’s end value and minimizing project costs that eat into your profits.

2: Value-Based Support

This is what we meant by providing lots of value beyond just competitive pricing, and it’s what makes our service stand out far more than similar services you might have looked at. 

We’re financially stable as a company, which means we won’t be disappearing any time soon. This pairs extremely well with our warranty which ensures that each door you order will be backed and guaranteed for its expected lifespan, and you don’t have to worry about us any longer being open when it’s time to use that warranty.

This is a major issue with younger brands and brands that are experiencing financial problems because even if they promise the world in their warranty, they might not be around to make good on it later. 

Then, there’s our service team. 

You get access to a full team of service professionals who can handle any issues or needs at any time. This is a massive benefit of custom wood doors over simply buying from the same sources as everyone else because it ensures that you get over project speedbumps quickly and efficiently.

When you simply buy mass-produced doors, if something goes wrong and you need to act on a warranty, you can end up losing precious time just trying to get a hold of a service team member, let alone get results. 

With a reliable service team on board, you resolve issues faster and waste less time. In the end, that means you save more money, as well. 

3: Save Money by Saving Time

We already mentioned one way we help you save money and time in the benefit we talked about above, but this is another integral part of the answer to “why invest in custom wood doors?”.

Supply chains for mass production companies are extremely complex, and they often build the door in an entirely different country to save costs before shipping it all around the world before it gets to you. 

At any point in that unreliable supply chain, a bottleneck can occur, and you might not get that door you need within a week until a month later. 

When you work with a custom wood door provider, the supply chain is a lot more concise, and that makes it a lot more reliable. You’ll get your product faster, with less chance of shipping issues causing flaws and without the worry of shipping bottlenecks creating major issues. 

Again, that saves you a ton of time and lets you take on projects with peace of mind. Since time is money, you help boost your profit margin, as well.

4: Get Any Door You Need

Getting whatever type of door design you need, made exactly to your specifications, is crucial to satisfying clients. 

When you order a custom wood door, you’re not limited AT ALL

Maybe your client saw a door on Pinterest or Instagram, and they absolutely loved it, but you can’t find it anywhere. Well, with the image as a source and your project dimensions, it can be recreated with ease, and we’ll probably make it a lot better than the original that inspired it due to our custom design approach, not cutting corners or neglecting the details. 

It’s also possible to draw up your own designs, speak to our team about working with you to find the perfect type of door for you, and practically anything else you can think of. 

We work with you to get the exact door you need, not whatever we have that is closest.

5: Immediate Shop-to-Jobsite Capability

We’ve talked a lot about our custom wood doors, but another benefit of Stately is that we do have our own wood door collections.

These are premium wood doors made to meet the most popular design standards. So, if your project doesn’t require something fully custom, you’re required to go through the custom craftsmanship process. We have some doors ready to go, and you source them as soon as you need them. 

This allows you to get the quality of a proper door manufacturer without the hassle of communicating your design needs when you don’t absolutely have to.

6: Any Opening is Taken Care of

Most of the time, when you approach a custom door company, you’re limited to sourcing your doors from that company, and then you have to search around for a supplier to handle other key elements of the project. 

Stately takes a different approach. We understand that our service is capable of completely changing how you serve your clients, and we aim to provide a far more extensive service. 

If there’s an opening in your housing project that you need to close up, we can provide you with the best products to do so.

Why invest in custom wood doors in a housing project?

Whether that’s one of our high-quality custom wood doors or it’s a new custom window to fill in that unique bay window design you’ve planned out, you can get the highest quality products made specifically to your specifications with Stately. 

This keeps you from having to work with nearly as many suppliers. You don’t need to have a door supplier, a designer windows supplier, and a separate distributor for your various materials and tools.

Instead, you can consolidate all your opening needs into one place to keep things much more organized.

Get Custom Wood Doors that Satisfy Your Clients and Your Profit Margin

Two things are going to keep your business going. Customer satisfaction and a healthy profit margin. Stately helps builders, designers, and resellers with both of those factors.

Now that you know why to invest in custom wood doors and are looking for any type of doors or windows for any of a home’s openings, Stately has you covered.
Contact us today and keep your customers’ satisfaction at a prime level.

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